Indoor location based services (Hotels)

Today is the age of smartphones, it’s the one device that you can reach anyone on, at any time. So what’s better to communicate with your guests than an app that communicates the right message, to the right person, at the right location. MagiXConcierge is the answer, from the future. It brings convenience to your guests wherever they are; receive your guests requests even before they arrive, or communicate with them and maybe take their dinner order even when they are not on premise. You can even engage with them while they are on property. Its features are designed to satisfy your guests while opening new revenue streams for your business. Guests can login using their social media accounts, helping you know more about them. They can navigate around using a turn-by-turn interactive map, giving you location analytics and allowing you to send location-based vendor-paid Ads. You can even create a loyalty program through which guests can earn points for their activity and redeem them later. MagiXConcierge does not stop there, customers can even use it to plan their night, whether by staying in and checking your events and entertainment calendar, or by going out using external navigation and transportation functions. Leave an unforgettable impression for your guests even at the end of their stay and make it hassle free, as they are able to check out using the app, immediately prompting your front desk to prepare their bill and get their luggage. MagiXConcierge is the tool to satisfy your guests, increase your exposure, and get your name on all those social media channels, all at the tap of a screen.

Why Choose MagiXConcierge?

MagiXConcierge Great Benefits

Provides quality experience for guests

Builds customer loyalty

Prompts revenues using Ad engine to push vendor-paid Ads

Increases exposure through social media integration

MagiXConcierge Great Features

Animated Splash Screen

Room Reservation and Payment

Pre-arrival Requests

Meal Ordering

Weather Updates

Kids’ Camera Access

Push Notifications

Social Media Posting

Trip Advisor Review


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