Customized TV Applications

Today’s venue demands are unlimited, especially the technological ones. Visitors expect nothing less than the technology they are experiencing in their home country. Thus, one of today’s hottest topics is how to meet those expectations.

IPTV platform technologies are becoming incredibly inevitable in the hospitality and healthcare sector, the in-room entertainment and information systems are being transformed through the IPTV technologies.

The technology turns the appliance from being fully for entertainment into an IP appliance that gives users and guests access to a world of new services, property information, and communication tools to provide a customizable environment. Information that was typically delivered via the telephone, such as voice mail, can now be integrated with other messaging services and delivered over the TV making it the nerve center of the room whether in a hotel, hospital, or even a living room. The TV set has become an interactive window opening a world of services for the user and a world of opportunity for building operators all from a single, integrated system.