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MagiX Auto digitalizes the sales process of cars for automotive manufacturers and dealerships. The sales process in the automotive industry has been almost the same since the beginning. The innovative cloud platform enriches the client’s experience.

MagiX Auto provides a seamless experience to your prospect and current clients by facilitating requesting services from their phones, eliminating the hassle of call center calls and store visits.

Why MagiXAuto?

MagiX Auto is a fully customizable white-label mobile app that any car manufacturer can use to facilitate services for its clients. The cloud-based application is available for both Android and iOS. It helps car manufacturers in boosting their revenues, increase their ROI, and provide better services to their clients, which reflects on their client engagement.

MagiXAuto Features

The customizable web-based app has various features that can be tailored according to your business needs:

clients can book their appointments ahead of time according to their convenience to visit the store.

clients are able to book test drives to try new cars through the app.

your clients can book their periodical service appointments easily through their phones without the need for calls.

MagiXAuto can easily be integrated into different backend systems to keep the app updated with availability and stock changes.

your clients can easily check the opening hours and locations of your stores and see if there are any upcoming events.

MagiXAuto enables you to stay connected with your clients through push notifications for sharing the latest news, like new releases. It can also be easily integrated with SMS providers like eZagel to send SMS campaigns about promotions.

MagiXAuto can facilitate for your current clients to resell their cars via displaying their cars with their details on the platform.

clients can use MagiXAuto to pay for any service they want through their phones as it integrates easily with different payment providers.

MagiXAuto can help you gather your clients’ feedback and encourage the clients to engage more with you through loyalty points.

MagiXAuto developed the Porsche Egypt mobile app, to provide top-notch services for their clients. The application enables clients to request roadside assistance, explore the currently available cars with their specs and colors, and discover the latest events and offers. Porsche Egypt was able to increase its ROI, boost client engagement, and get access to a comprehensive web-based admin portal.

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