Get your visitors online faster with MagiXPortal

MagiX Portal provides an easy way for visitors to register and access your WiFi network hassle-free. MagiX Portal enables you to provide a pleasant experience to your visitors and influence their behavior to boost your revenues.

Why Choose MagiXPortal?

Capture insightful visitors’ data while giving them access to unlimited features to enhance their experience. MagiXPortal offers businesses the opportunity to:

  • Leverages Microsoft Azure infrastructure while preserving their legacy investment and increasing the ROI.
  • Improve visitors' engagement by sending personalized messages through push notification alerts and ads.
  • Reduce operational costs.
  • Offer secure WiFi services for their visitors.
  • Get access to advanced analytics and dashboards to get visitors' data and insights to help them boost their revenues.
  • Offer indoor maps to their visitors and a wide range of services in their facilities.

Visitors love it! Easy to use and can be integrated with Social Media easily

Many organizations entrust MagiXPortal in the MENA region to offer secure WiFi solutions and WiFi marketing services.

In Egypt, the Mall of Tanta implemented MagiXPortal to improve the shopping experience for the visitors and capture their data to improve the mall’s services.

Mall of Tanta was able to achieve:

  • Increase in their ROI
  • Enable their clients to create personalized profiles
  • Enhance the shoppers’ experience
  • Boost engagement through push notification to guide the mall shoppers to different services in the mall

In Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah Economic City implemented MagiXPortal to facilitate user logins to the Wi-Fi for their guests and ensure Wi-Fi security.

MagiXPortal enables King Abdullah Economic City to see significant improvement in different aspects:

  • Offering secure and easy WiFi access to their guests, which encouraged guests to register.
  • Boosting engagement with users through promotions
  • Getting insights and historical data about their guests

MagiX Portal is your all-in-one WiFi marketing and analytics tool, get in touch with IPMagiX to book a Demo.

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