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Host interactive events with MagiX Event end-to-end event management platform and app. MagiX Event will help you achieve new levels of event success, offer your guests a custom-branded event app and platform, and drive more traffic to different event activities.

Why do industry leaders rely on MagiXEvent for their conferences and events?

MagiX Events enables event organizers to boost the attendee’s engagement, increase the event traffic and get impactful insights about the event’s attendees through multiple features:

Attendees can seamlessly create profiles on the app with their personal information securely.

Increase attendees’ engagement from the moment they sign up. Attendees can browse and register for their favorite sessions through MagiXEvent. The app also sends push notification reminders about the sessions and offers indoor location navigation to the session’s location.

Attendees can view all session details, register for sessions and communicate with key persons responsible for the session.

Attendees can bookmark their favorite sessions, speakers’ profiles and exhibitors to their favorite list, to ensure visiting everything. This will enable event organizers to get insights about the best performing sessions and popular speakers.

Attendees can browse all visitors and bookmark their favorite exhibitors. They can also use the indoor map to navigate to exhibitor locations. Event organizers can use the app to send reminders about exhibitors the attendees missed.

MagiX Event enables attendees to explore the conference speakers and check their information.

The app and the platform offer dedicated pages for sponsor’s information, location and details. Attendees can also use the app’s indoor map to visit the sponsor’s area.

Connect with the attendees with push notifications. Send them event updates, reminders about sessions, promotion for sponsors and advertising.

MagiX Event facilitates attendees’ navigation throughout the event venue using the indoor map navigation technology that helps attendees reach their desired locations faster.

The app enables attendees to search and explore anything in the event through their phones; they can search for a specific session, speaker or location.

Event organizers can easily update the app with the latest news and updates of the event and add images and videos to share with the attendees.

The app helps attendees find the event facilities (Toilets, prayer rooms, lounge areas,…) and use the map to go to their desired location.

MagiX Event enables event organizers to gather instant feedback on the event from attendees through the app.

Event organizers can leverage an interactive portal to manage the app and the platform of their event, add new session details and explore the analytics and insights of the attendees.

Sample of Our Customers

  • Cairo ICT for 6 years
  • Cisco Connect Conference in Egypt and UAE
  • Schneider Electric
  • Mideast Communication System

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