Let's Own It; IPMagiX is Winning Cisco Award

IPMagiX receives the Middle East & Africa theatre Award as Value Extended Partner of the Year Award at Cisco Partner Summit 2022. At Cisco Partner Summit 2022, IPMagiX was honored with the Value Extended Partner of the Year Award for its innovation, leadership, and best practice as a Cisco business partner across the Middle East & Africa. Our CEO Hossam Meghad accepted the award on behalf of the company which was recognized for its innovation that IPMagiX solutions are adding value to Cisco infrastructure to provide a good impact to the customer and deliver best customer experience. Cisco Partner Summit Middle East & Africa awards reflect the top-performing partners within specific technology markets across the Middle East & Africa. All award recipients are selected by a group of Cisco Global Partner Organization and regional and theater executives. © 2022 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserve

IPMagiX Launches MagiXMuseum Mobile Application for The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization.

IPMagiX's completed a new POC with Egypt's leading museum to test out and demonstrate the features of its museum tech cloud platform MagiXMuseum.


The new cloud platform uses a state of the art technology that will help the museum diversify and increase its revenue stream through virtual and physical tours and features. In addition to reducing the cost of operation, MagiXMuseum will help increase the traffic on cultural tourism and, accordingly, provide more opportunities for tour guides, reflecting positively on the economy.


MagiXMuseum can be optimized for hybrid, virtual and physical tours, with features guaranteed to make tourists' visits memorable and enjoyable. The platform has two approaches "Physical Tour" and "Live Tour". Physical Tour has features that include indoor navigation, museum maps, and location-based notifications. MagiXTour (Live Tour) features remote live tours, captioning for hearing aid support. Tourists can book private or public through the app. The platform can easily integrate with any ticketing system.


The platform also provides museum management with a complete dashboard through a web interface that helps them better engage with visitors and create reports using Microsoft PowerBI to analyze the traffic on the museum.


IPMagiX Partners with Novotel Tunis Hotel.

IPMagiX solution expands to Tunisia with Novotel Tunis Hotel as the newest client using our IPTV platform technologies TVMagiX. The new partnership will empower Novotel Tunis Hotel to provide a tailored experience for its visitors through our latest technologies, allowing visitors to use the TV for entertainment, information system, and messaging services.


IPMagiX delighted to announce the official mobile application for Porsche Egypt.

We are delighted to announce that IPMagiX developed the official mobile application for Porsche Egypt, supporting the leading brand to provide a more luxurious experience to their esteemed clients.

The new app is available on both Android and iOS, and it facilitates various services for the clients that include:
-Booking services appointments
-Request test drive
-Book sales meeting
-Store locations
-Request roadside assistance
-E-payment for different services
-Marketplace for resale
It will also send push notifications with the latest updates, events and news about Porsche. The application will help Porsche improve their client engagement experience, providing superior services through the dynamic, comprehensive dashboard.

Cairo ICT 2021

IPMagiX تم اطلاق التطبيق الرسمى لمعرض القاهرة لتكنولوجيا المعلومات والاتصالات للسنة الخامسة على التوالي بشراكة  مع أي بي ماجيكس

              .حيث يشهد التطبيق العديد من التطورات MagiXEvent وتشهد دورة هذا العام2021   أطلاق التطبيق علي منصة

 . حيث يقوم التطبيق بالتسجيل لحضور المعرض، والذي سيتاح مسبقًا لمنع تكدس الزوار على أن يكون الدخول فقط عن طريق التطبيق من خلال .QR Code  و من المتوقع ان يستقبل المعرض 50 ألف زائر للاطلاع على مجموعة واسعة من عروض وخدمات شركات الاتصالات والتكنولوجيا والمنتجات الإلكترونية فلذلك يجب مراعاة الاشتراطات الصحية الآمنة لزوار المعرض.

من أهم خصائص التطبيق  هي زيادة معدل التواصل بين الزوار و العارضين عن طريق ارسال الإخطارات في الوقت المناسب للمستخدمين بناء  Indoor Location Based Service . على موقعهم داخل المعرض باستخدام تقنيات البلوتوث

   في جناح داخل قطاع يضاف لأول مره هذا العام فى المعرض و يختص ب  تكنولوجيا المتاحفIPMagiX أيضا تتواجد شركة أي بي ماجيكس

     عن اطلاقها لتطبيق جديد يدمج ما بين المتاحف و التقنيات الحديثIPMAGIX حيث ستعلن

من الجدير بالذكر انه تم اختيار هذا التطبيق

(Magix Tour)  من قبل شركة سيسكو كواحد من افضل الابداعات بين شركائها المعتمدين على مستوى العالم.


Official App

January 21 2017

Official App Provider and a Smart Communities Participant at ICT

Cairo ICT, MENA’s leading technology event that was held on November 27-30, had IPMagiX as its official app provider for the second year in a row, having been a regular participant since its first time back in 1998. The mobile application, which was integrated on both iOS and Android devices, provided all visitors with indoors navigation throughout the venue, location-based services, notifications and news on the different updates of the conference. It integrated Wi-Fi and beacons as well, which are all aspects and features of the MagiX Events products.

IPMagiX was honored to be part of the Smart Communities sector, the only Exhibition and Forum devoted to the creation of smart living and working communities. Smart Communities aims to showcase innovative technologies, real-world solutions and definite strategies that help develop more convenient and sustainable cities. Visitors had the opportunity to actually experience the next wave of revolutionary technologies that are already helping communities become more connected and sustainable. These included IPMagiX’s very own Smart Parking technology that is currently being integrated in Hotels, with the support of Cisco as a partner. The Mobile Door Lock, from our Concierge line of products, was also showcased, and people were able to witness a live demonstration on its application and how to use it

The Future

January 21 2017

The Future of Technology in the Hospitality Industry

Hotel Trends Poland & CEE is a one of a kind two-day event specified for the hotel industry. It brings together all the decision-makers of the industry – stakeholders, representatives of development companies and investment funds, as well as leading suppliers of products and services for the hospitality and tourism industry in one place. The topics discussed in the panels and sessions revolve around issues such as the current situation on the market, strategic changes, new trends, concepts, opportunities and challenges, recent trends encroaching on the global market and revenue and profit maximization.

This year, the conference took place on November 28 and 29 in Sofitel Warsaw Victoria, and Hossam Megahed, Founder and CEO of IPMagiX, was a guest speaker. He spoke during the session about new technologies in the hospitality industry; their present and future. He discussed the latest trends in guest experience using a digital infrastructure like Wi-Fi, HSIA and IPTV. “Not only is Wi-Fi a demanded service, but Wi-Fi is the most important feature a hotel can offer their guests and the best way to encourage them to come back over and over again, especially if it’s good”, Megahed commented. He also talked about solutions and indoor location-based services, which his company IPMagiX develops, and how these platforms gather and analyze statistics that improve service and guest experience. Guests could now receive personalized offers depending on preferences and location, or loyalty points for service use. They become more engaged, and this closes communication gaps, effectively serving all stakeholders of the industry.

MagiXEvent Success

April 10 2018

MagiXEvent makes another success @ Cisco Connect Saudi 2018

Cisco Connect KSA brings together partners, customers and prospects for 2 days packed with best-in-class technical education, networking opportunities, and insight from Cisco leadership and other industry thought leaders. From registration to keynotes and breakouts, and from meeting experts to experiencing the latest from solution providers first hand, makes the event full of activities.

With the goal of maximizing user participation and engagement in mind, IPMagiX has proudly powered up the occasion with MagiXEvent as the official app sponsor. MagiXEvent has provided attendees with a mobile experience that has helped them get the most out of this massive trade show. The whole array of features has not only facilitated the visitor’s journey, but has also helped all stakeholders stay connected and well informed of any parallel activities taking place, in addition to increasing the publicity through social media and tracking attendance.

“The app was amazing, our customers, partners and Cisco Saudia team loved using it” Rania Maatouk, Partner Marketing Manager, Cisco Saudia.

However, IPMagiX will not stop there. Further in-app tools are being developed for even more benefits for both attendee and exhibitor. The new features hope to bring more fascinating and engaging features. Reach out to us through one of our forms and we’ll gladly put you through to one of our product experts.

Cisco Connect

April 13 2017

IPMagiX at Cisco Connect UAE 2017

Sponsoring FB: IPMagiX, a Cisco Preferred Solution Partner, is a proud Bronze sponsor at Cisco Connect UAE 2017. It will be showcasing its IPTelephony and Mobility solutions that impact efficiency and improve user experience in the Hospitality and Retail industries.

Aside from being a Bronze Sponser, IPMagiX is the official mobile app provider at Cisco Connect UAE 2017. The app is developed through the MagiXEvents platform, which is built on top of Cisco CMX, Meraki and Beacons.

IPMagiX Expands

February 9 2017

IPMagiX Expands to East Asia with TVMagiX

After working on projects in Africa and the Middle East, IPMagiX has recently been expanding into East Asia. We lately landed our second hotel in Singapore called Rendezvous, after having worked on Oasia Hotel.We are implementing our TVMagiX hospitality solution using Samsung Hotel TV and in partnership with Singtel.

Our TVMagiX solution allows hotels to offer their guests an unparalleled experience inside their rooms. The television ceases to be just for entertainment, as it becomes an IP appliance that gives hotel guests access to an entire world of new services, property information, and communication tools, providing them with a customizable environment.