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MagiXEdu Making Hybrid Education an Enjoyable Journey

MagiXEdu is the mobile app every school and university needs, easily integrated with any Learning Management system (LMS) with versatile features to fit any learning institution. MagiXEdu enhances the hybrid learning experience for both student and faculty staff.

Trusted by Ajman University in UAE and Galala University in Egypt, MagiXEdu offers a user-friendly and easy-to-use mobile application and online portal that facilitates managing all classroom activities. It provides faculty staff with the tools to seamlessly run classes online and in class.

Why MagiXEdu?

MagiXEdu facilitates creating classes, grading student activities, and assessing them. It enables parents to follow up with students’ achievements and can be integrated with different payment options.

MagiXEdu offers simple UI/UX mobile applications and a web portal for educators, students, and parents, facilitating communication between different parties. It is easily integrated with any LMS and provides web-based administration.

Students log in, create, and customize their profiles in a few minutes, and are ready.

MagiXEdu offers many innovative features that facilitate the hybrid education process:

  • Indoor navigation and wayfinding features to guide students to different classes and campus facilities.
  • Push notification to remind students about activities, classes, and promotions.
  • Students can sign into their classes through face recognition.
  • Students can request to issue their certificates online.
  • Web-based administration portal
  • Dynamic dashboard and automated reports to keep up with students and faculty performance.

These features are on top of the regular features, like joining remote classes, submitting attendance, assigning homework, assessments, library subscription, and in-class collaboration between students.

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