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Hospitality and tourism business environments are becoming more competitive. Visitors are always expecting top-notch services from luxury hotels throughout their visit. TVMagiX will help your hotel improve guest satisfaction and exceed their expectations with personalized content and special care for their requests. It will help identify guests’ needs in real-time and fulfill them professionally. 

TVMagiX has been used and supported many hotel chains all over the world, including El  Gouna hotels in Egypt, Rotana and the 8th in UAE, Movenpick and Fairmont Mekkah in Saudi  Arabia, Rendevouz in Singapore and more. 

Why TVMagiX?

Personalized Experience for Your Guests 

Guests expect nothing less than a personalized treatment during their stay. TVMagix allows  hotel staff to provide a luxurious guest experience through: 

  • Personalized welcome messages for the guests in multiple languages.
  • Guests can immediately send their cleaning requests, laundry, or whatever through  TVMagiX to hotel management.
  • They can also share content from their phones or other devices on the TV with the casting feature to enjoy their personal content.

MagiXAuto Features

The customizable web-based app has various features that can be tailored according to your  business needs:

Guests can enjoy their privacy with TVMagiX technology. They can request not to be disturbed  through the IPTV, request valet or other services, all without the need to directly speak with  hotel employees. They can also keep track of their spending and bill details through the “My Bill”  feature.

Hotel Management can use it to send guests messages to promote hotel facilities, special  events, and meeting rooms. Guests can also book promoted services like SPA, Gym and  meeting room directly from TVMagiX. They can also order in-room dining from it. TVMagiX also  features text, scrolling and ads messages, where the message text would appear to the guest  during streaming channel.

Hotel staff can easily stay updated with room statuses through TVMagiX; they will be able to  check room status, mini-bar consumption, and follow up with maintenance requests.

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