Offer your Guests a Superior Hospitality Experience with MagiXConcierge

Create an outstanding experience for your guests. Start connecting with your guests before they arrive at your hotel to offer them a memorable customized experience. MagiXConcierge is an intelligent solution providing new revenue opportunities for the hospitality industry, through cutting-edge indoor location-based services and personalized guest experience.

Why is MagiXConcierge the right choice for your hotel?

  • Social Media integration lets you gather guests' information and insights about their behavior to provide you with enough data to customize their experience.
  • Communicate with your guests from the minute they reserve a room at your hotel. Make sure you provide an unparalleled experience to your guests before they arrive.
  • MagiXConcierge allows you to take your guest's requests before they arrive, like their dinner orders, bed preferences, or any special instructions.
  • Develop familiarity with the hotel amenities, entertainment, and upgrade options to boost guest spending.
  • The location analytics feature will enable you to send location-based ads to your guests.
  • MagiXConcierge facilitates social media sharing for guests, so they can share their memorable moments in your hotel with their network and increase your exposure.
  • The app facilitates leaving TripAdvisor reviews to ensure your guests can leave reviews hassle-free.

Why will your guests love MagiXConcierge?

MagiXConcierge is easy to use, so clients enjoy it; they can simply login with their social media accounts hassle-free and start enjoying their visit with multiple features that enhance their experience:

  • Guests can plan their visit, book their stays, and pay for their rooms through MagiXConcierge.
  • Once they arrive, guests can use the indoor navigation services to find their way around the hotel using the MagiXConcierge interactive map.
  • They can also browse the entertainment calendar of the hotel, close by touristic location and arrange for transportation.
  • Guests can keep an eye on their kids using the app's kids' camera access.
  • Most importantly, guests can communicate with room services, order meals and send their requests seamlessly through the app.
  • • Finally, they can check out through the app, which will notify the front office to prepare the bill and get the guest's luggage.

Create memorable luxurious experiences for your guests with MagiXConcierge. Book a demo with our team to explore how we can help your hotel increase its revenues with intelligent solutions.

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