Make the most of your event, festival or conference by making sure your attendees never miss a moment. MagiXEvent is an app that helps inform attendees by providing them with all the info they need. Additionally, it helps you create a strong image for your business and your partners. Share your agenda, introduce your speakers, and send location based notifications to make sure your attendees find all the exhibitors and points of attraction in your event. You can also remind them of unvisited places and help them navigate around. It also helps you understand your audience through reports and analytic functions. MagiXEvent is the app for your event, for your attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors altogether.

Why Choose MagiXEvent?

MagiXEvent Great Four :

Increases exposure for exhibitors and sponsors

Enhances attendees experience

Pre-arrival Requests

Improves organizer’s value proposition

Closes communication gaps between organizers and attendees

Event General features:

Event Agenda

Speakers List

Exhibitors List

Sponsors List

Event Navigation

Facilities Map

Location based features for Events:

Location Notifications

Unvisited Places Reminder

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