What is ConnectedMagiX ?

Innovative Indoor Location-Based Services

A cloud platform that enables venues to manage rules, messaging and analytics of your indoor, location-aware mobile apps. The platform is designed to help you bring customer locations and identities together to create a new and effective channel of communication and turns the Wi-Fi infrastructure into a revenue generating machine to:

  • Engage with customers: By Communicating the right message at the right place.
  • Monetize customers better By offering personalized services to your venue visitors.
  • Gain customer insights By increasing your operational efficiency through better customer understanding


  • Cloud platform
  • Location awareness capabilities
  • Various integration options
  • Branding, industry themes & features
  • Communicates the right message, to the right person, at the right location
  • Ads and Promotions engine
  • Designed to function on Cisco CMX, Meraki and Beacons