For Unparalleled Guest Experience

Customer demand for better hospitality solutions is on the rise more than ever; a Hotel TV is now expected to be more of a personal assistant. TVMagiX comes as the all-in-one IPTV hospitality solution to satisfy that demand with an amazing, state of the art IPTV hospitality widget solution that maximizes in-room entertainment, creating value for your guests. It accompanies them from the moment they enter the room, helping them wake up for that important meeting, giving weather updates and sharing the latest news, and all the way to making sure they don’t miss their prayers, or even switching all incoming calls to voicemail for some peace and comfort. All that and more is at their fingertips, bringing them the technology of tomorrow, today.

Why Choose TVMagiX (For Hotels)?

TVMagiX Great Benefits

Provides quality experience for guests

Maximizes customer satisfaction

Increases hospitality

Builds customer loyalty

Enhances sales through multichannel distribution

Reduces operating costs, increasing ROI

TVMagiX Great Features

Welcome Message

Wake-up call

Advertising module (new feature)

Live News and Weather Updates

Guest Service Directory

Hotel Facilities

Hotel Events

Airport Info

Prayer Info

Room Status

Maintenance Request

Room Service Request

Laundry Request

Valet Pickup Request

DND (No phone calls mode)

Minibar Updates

Bill Review

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