Reach Store Shoppers Quickly at The Right Time & Location With The Right Message.

Advertising your retail chain is now easier than ever, just a tap on a screen. MagiXRetail is the app that opens a new horizon for retail chains. Be there for your customers all the time, showcase your products, and present offers and discounts. MagiXRetail also allows customers to create an account that allows them to bookmark and favorite items and products of interest. It also allows customers to navigate inside the store using turn-by-turn navigation. This helps you offer location based ads and offers, as well as capture shopping traffic and patterns. All of this allows you to expand your business and make better future decisions

Why Choose MagiXRetail?

MagiXRetail Benefits

Enhances customer satisfaction

Increases products' exposure

Provides insights on traffic patterns and shopping behaviors

Closes communication gap by connecting to clients at all times

Allows superior position through differentiated brand promotion

MagiXRetail Great Features

Branded Splash Screen

Multi-Language Support

Shop List of the brand

Promotions Engine

Brand Information

Store Navigation

Facilities Map

Location Based Notifications

Find My Friends

Car Park Location

Want To Discover More?

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