Indoor location based services (Malls)

MagiXMall is the app that perfects your customers shopping experience, bringing the conveniences of online shopping to the real world. Not only does it act as a great shopping companion that shoppers can rely on to navigate around, find stores and products, or even receive up-to-the-minute notifications of deals and offers; it also helps your business grow. It collects, reports, and analysis, so that you can decide what’s best for your customers based on their actual preferences. Shift staff based on peak hours, send location-based offers and announcements, and personalize your shoppers’ experiences, from the moment they get their tailor-made welcome message, till they find that no-longer-lost parking spot.

MagiXMall Solution

Why Choose MagiXMall?

MagiXMall Benefits

Enhances visitor engagement

Improves the shopping experience

Provides insights on traffic patterns and most favored-locations

Closes the communication gap by connecting to clients at all times

Provides proximity marketing through beacons and CMX

Increases revenues using Ad engine to push vendor-paid Ads

MagiXMall Great Features

Branded Splash Screen

Multi-Language Support

List of shops

Current Promotions

Mall Info

Mall Navigation

Facilities Map

Location based Notifications through beacons and CMX

Find My Friends

Parking Spot Location

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