Connecting with travelers with the right message at the right time and right location

The ultimate mobile solution for travelers has just landed. Whether it’s a big international airport, or a small local one. MagiXAirport comes with a wide range of features to take airport travel experience to the next level. Using the latest location accuracy technologies, MagiXAirport does so much for your business; it provides proximity marketing for different commercial outlets, as well as car rental offices and hotel booking for partner enterprises. This opens a new horizon for cross-selling opportunities. Travelers will find all the information they need: arrivals, departures and navigation around the airport in the phone inside their pockets. Travelers can also call for help or report lost baggage, ultimately saving time and resources.

Why Choose MagiXAirport?

MagiXAirport Benefits

Adds a valuable branding asset

Significantly improve the airport travel experience

Enhances sales through prompting cross-selling

Reduces work load, increasing ROI

MagiXAirport Features

Splash Screen

Multi-Language Support

Personalized Accounts

Airport Navigation

Facilities Map

Location based Notifications through beacons and CMX

Real-time flight information

Arrivals and Departures information

In-App Search

Call for Help

Baggage Claim

Car Rental

Hotel Booking

Want To Discover More?

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