Let's Own It; IPMagiX is Winning Cisco Award

IPMagiX receives the Middle East & Africa theatre Award as Value Extended Partner of the Year Award at Cisco Partner Summit 2022. At Cisco Partner Summit 2022, IPMagiX was honored with the Value Extended Partner of the Year Award for its innovation, leadership, and best practice as a Cisco business partner across the Middle East & Africa. Our CEO Hossam Meghad accepted the award on behalf of the company which was recognized for its innovation that IPMagiX solutions are adding value to Cisco infrastructure to provide a good impact to the customer and deliver best customer experience. Cisco Partner Summit Middle East & Africa awards reflect the top-performing partners within specific technology markets across the Middle East & Africa. All award recipients are selected by a group of Cisco Global Partner Organization and regional and theater executives. © 2022 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserve