The Mall of Tanta a Smart Mall for an entertaining, convenient shopping experience.

The Mall of Tanta is Tanta’s first and largest mall in the Delta area of Egypt. The mall brings together bringing together 140 shops, a cinema, restaurants, banks, and a hypermarket. The mall offers its services to thousands of shoppers and clients on daily basis..

The Challenge

The Mall of Tanta wanted to provide a secure, convenient, and entertaining shopping experience for its shoppers. The mall is built over 4000 KM space. They wanted to encourage their visitors to try new services, visit new shops and engage more with the mall facilities.  In addition, the mall management needed to acquire more data about the visitors’ interests, buying behaviors and other data that would help them improve their services through data analysis, reports, and dashboards.

The Solution

IPMagiX introduced its product MagiXPortal. The new applications provide unlimited opportunities for the mall’s management to engage with shoppers and offer more services to them. To help the mall management interacts better with their clients, MagiXPortal a Customized Captive Portal, allows shoppers to log on to the mall Wi-Fi network that build over Cisco Meraki Wi-Fi and provide the Shoppers a better service and promotions and to provide the shops with needed analytics about the number of visitors and their heat map.


MagiXPortal offers an easy-to-use web-admin, a secure and comprehensive web-based portal so mall management can easily update the portal add customized content. In addition to Meraki WIFI infrastructure, the mall management is now able to use Microsoft Azure to preserve legacy investment and increase ROI.MagiXPortal is available on any platform whether a PC or smart phone.