Governmental Institution

Since the establishment of a General Directory in 1926, this governmental organization has expanded from no diplomatic missions abroad to a total number of 77 embassies, 13 Consulates, 3 resident delegations, and commercial offices.

The Challenge

After a huge hacking incident, security became the #1 demand as the first step to accommodate to the broad vision of the project, which is to create a global network, securely binding and facilitating the communications of 3,000 users distributed across the sphere.

The Solution

Using a smart infrastructure and today’s UC technologies, we virtually converted their global network of embassies into one office. The solution consisted of a scalable MagiXOffice solution built on Cisco IP Phones including DX (Android) range, featuring Secured Phone Lock, IP Paging, Single-Sign On, and HyperDirectory.

Achieved Goals

A survey established among the entire organization has shown that 92% of people had acknowledged a dramatic improvement in the overall quality of communications, and 95% of the customer’s IT administrators accredited the elevated level of security that they needed. The survey also reflected an enhanced level of employee collaboration by an astounding 150%.