AL GOUNA Integrated Hospitality Community

Lying north of Hurghada on the west coast of the Red Sea, el Gouna was founded twenty five years ago by Orascom Hotels & Development (OHD). The town stretches over 10 km of beach and embraces 18 spectacular hotels and 24,000 residents spreading across islands and lagoons. Boasting a superb infrastructure, excellent array of services, sandy beaches, ideal temperatures to welcome visitors all year round with a short flight from Europe, the town was once a popular destination before 2011.

The Challenge

After the fall of tourism in 2011, OHD decided to cooperate with technology and go the extra mile. Helping the tourism industry became a cause and OHD decided to positioned itself as an “Environmentally friendly community” and become one of the world’s top green destinations. The idea was to turn it around into a full community that will both attract and fully satisfy vacationers, residents and business travels as well, to contribute and play a major role in reviving the industry again.

The Solution

Phase I: IPTV


Phase II: Mobile Solution Coverage

Achieved Goals

Created a competitive advantage, guest comfort allowing customer loyalty. El Gouna has been recognized as Egypt’s most environmentally friendly holiday destination. In addition, hotels were able to increase their rates from £75 (in 2014) to £100 per night.